[Video] Hudson Coaching Conversations: The Great Reset - A Collective Transition

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In the coming weeks and months, the challenges of this pandemic time will begin to recede, and we can step back and assess what we’ve learned, lost, and in some cases, gained—to step forward with clear and deliberate intentions.

There is no ‘getting back to normal’ because the world, our lives, and our routines are fundamentally different than they were prior to the Covid-19. How do we learn from these past two years? How do we forge a path forward, rather than meander into what lies ahead?

This could be a golden leadership moment to collectively pause before rushing forward; a time to assess, imagine, learn, and experiment in order to create something particularly responsive to these times, harnessing what we’ve learned, lost, and gained. This could be a time for a Great Reset.

In this edition of our quarterly fireside chat, we spoke with experienced leaders within global organizations about the ways in which they and their organizations are taking a step back before they step forward, so that they can move into the future with vision and intention.

Hudson's Cofounder and CKO, Pam McLean, Ph.D., hosted Trudi McCanna, Director, Strategic Initiatives, CEO Team at Google, Timmie Wang, Head of L&D Coaching at Boston Consulting Group, and Greg Honey, Executive Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Office at Farm Credit Canada, to discuss how leaders and organizations are navigating through this period, as the pandemic begins to wane. They examined the urge to “get back to normal” and the opportunity to “press reset” to experiment and innovate.


The Panel

Guest-Profile-03Pam McLean

Cofounder & CEO, Hudson Institute of Coaching

A preeminent authority on coaching, transformation learning, and transition and change in the adult journey, Pamela McLean, Ph.D. has been at the forefront of the field of the emerging field of coaching for the past 30 years. As Founder and Chief Knowledge Office of the Hudson Institute of Coaching, Pam oversees and ensures Hudson provides the highest-quality coach training to seasoned professionals and leaders, as well as consulting to organizations worldwide.

Pam is the author and co-author of several books, articles and white papers focused on coaching, human development and transformational learning. She most recently authored The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching and is the co-author of the well-known book on transition and change, LifeLaunch, A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life, and most recently Self As Coach, Self As Leader.


Timmie Wang

Timmie Wang

Head of L&D Coaching, Boston Consulting Group, North America

Timmie Wang is passionate about positive change – in the world, in organizations, and for individuals. A second-generation Taiwanese American, and mother to multi-racial children, she is immersed in how the world’s systems work and are evolving. She has spent her career innovating on human systems – from her start as a bioengineer, to years as a BCGer advising Boards and C-level leaders on organizational and personal effectiveness, and more recently as a somatics-based leadership coach (and proud Hudson ICC grad). Timmie currently serves as Head of L&D Coaching for BCG’s North America region, and looks forward to being a part of this fascinating and important conversation.


Trudi McCanna

Trudi McCanna

Director, Strategic Initiatives, CEO Team at Google

Trudi is a facilitator, executive coach and organizational development consultant with more than twenty years of experience helping leaders and leadership teams find clarity in the midst of complexity and create actions that achieve results.

A trusted coach to some of Silicon Valley's most successful executives, Trudi partners with leaders as they navigate the complex and often rocky road of leading in highly dynamic environments. At Google, she works with C-suite and executive level leaders across the company's various product areas.


FCC_Greg Honey_2016_HI

Greg Honey

Executive Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Office at Farm Credit Canada

With over 30 years of HR experience, Greg came to FCC in 2000. Today he oversees Human Resources; and Facilities and Administration for over 2300 employees in 100 offices across Canada. Greg is a certified Hudson coach; holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Regina; and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). His passion is creating organizational cultures where employees thrive; and growing HR professionals and teams to make this happen.

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